• Mietpreisbremse (Rental Cap)

    What is the buzz about the Mietpreisbremse? Compared by international standards, low rental costs

  • What gets measured gets managed

    “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” What gets measured gets managed – some people attribute this quote to Peter Drucker,

  • Real Estate Investments in Germany

    Finding the needle in the haystack? Real Estate Investments in Germany require a complex due-diligence process which often begins with a regional focus.

  • House Price Movements 2013 in EU

    House Price Movements 2013: the Best and Worst Top 5 States in EU Area

  • Interactive chart: Country Ratings

    Business Intelligence @ Work Amongst other services, alintra provides the flexible analysis of heterogenuous data structures.

  • Baumaßnahmen in Frankfurter Schulen

    Baumaßnahmen in Frankfurter Schulen Der folgende Beitrag und die Grafik basieren auf dieser Quelle, Stand 27.2.2014: http://www.frankfurt.de/schulen

  • Video: alintra @ work

    alintra at work alintra GmbH was set up in 2005 by Wolfgang Brötz and is part of the arsago Group. From the moment alintra came into existence, it has been growing with arsago real Estate (www.a-acm.de),